Sheep, Goats & Official Fibre Content

My husband and I are in the research stages regarding purchasing sheep. Any
resources, web pages, mailing lists etc. that anyone might be able to
suggest would be appreciated.

Also, at our last spinning get together we were at the home of a friend who
has two Angora goats, beautiful. Any opinions on goats as opposed to sheep?
Another friend who has sheep is very much against them, she says they are
too hard to contain and generally michevious.

Not too much fibre related happening here, washing some very dirty unknown
fleece. Trying desperately to get used to the light weight of the Dan
Mongold drop spindle, not to mentions the speed. I’m getting better, but
still getting alot of overtwist.

Finally I’ve got the peice from my great wheel in the works. A friend is
going to turn a new peice for the head and should have it for me in a couple
of days. After 3 months of staring at this beautiful wheel I may actually
get to use it.

The double width blanket I’m making for my husband is very close to being
ready to start weaving. I’m having some difficulty with the warp ends at
the sides of the back beam splipping down into the brake. Kraft paper
worked fine for small projects but after discussing it with a fellow weaver
I guess I’ll have to wait til Monday night to finish winding it on so my
husband can get me some flat sticks.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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