Fibre Visits in Eastern Canada

I am a new spinner and weaver but I may have a few suggestions for Fibre
visits in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

I would highly suggest trying to meet up with members of the Heritage
Weavers and Spinners in Saint John, NB. This is where I started my
obsession and met some wonderful ladies. While in that area I’ve heard that
Elizabeth Miller is an interesting lady to talk to, I do believe I’ve seen a
couple of posts from her recently on the Canspin Yahoogroup.

In Nova Scotia you should come visit me just outside Wolfville. The group
of spinners I get together with love an excuse to spin (and eat). There are
8 or 9 of us including a wonderful fellow named Ken who spins and makes his
own wheels and recently a drum carder. I think he’s trying a picker next.

In Yarmouth in late July or early August there is Fibrecamp, five days of
spinning, papermaking and fun. There is the Barrington Woolen Mill down
that way as well.

In Halifax there is the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, they house
the Mary Black Gallery and have many studios, pottery, woodworking, metal
works, weaving etc. The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design is just down
the street. The Fleece Artist is a short drive away in Minesville.

I haven’t even been in NS for a year so I know there is a lot more out there
that I don’t know about. I haven’t been to visit Karen Casselman’s dyeing
studio yet, there are a few farms that have Llamas and prepared fibre that
I’ve yet to find. I’ll keep you posted on anything else I find.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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