Hi everyone, the numbers for the fibre swap are growing. Here is the list
as I see it today, if I have missed anyone please let me know privately. I
will need mailing addresses from everyone, some I do have, I’ll be emailing
each person individually today.

As Hannelore was kind enough to post 250g is about 8 to 9 oz. The fibre can
be from your own fibre animals, from a fleece you prepared yourself or
something you purchased, the choice is yours. That also includes silk,
flax, hemp, cotton, anything that you can spin.

1.Chris, Victoria, BC
2.Hannelore, Chilliwack, BC
3.Sharon, Surrey, BC
4.Linda, ?
5.Brenda, Edmonton, Alberta
6.Liz Miller, NB
7.Jude Pilote
8.Karen Braun
9.Patricia Davis
10.Celeste Colbourne
11.Julie Rosvall
12.Susan Rex
13.Cindy, Hilliers, BC
14.Sheila Kirk
15.Becky Learn
16.Lee Thompson

Any questions just email me rosvall@…


Wolfville, NS


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