Well, we have 20 participants in the fibre swap. I have mailing addresses
for all but three, hope to hear from Karen, Brenda and Linda later today 🙂

I will be in touch in the next day to give you addresses. In your package
you should include a note with your mailing address, email, name, what you
have sent and any other details you’d like to include. A picture might be

If I have missed anyone, or if you want to be removed from the list please
let me know ASAP. It looks like I will have one hat for BC and one hat for
the rest of Canada/US when I draw names 🙂 Thanks, Julie

Chris Tomaschuk
Victoria, BC

Lee Thompson
Hanover, ON

Becky Learn
Reaboro, ON

Elizabeth Miller
Clifton Royal, NB

Susan Rex
Medicine Hat, Alta

Cindy Van Duin
Qualicum Beach, BC

Pat Davis
Ann Arbor, MI

Cheryl Powell
Newburgh, ON

Hannelore Lubben
Chilliwack, BC

Celeste Colbourne
Roberts Creek, BC

Leona Bennett
Kitimat, BC

Sheila Kirk
Merritt, BC

Sharon Chrismas
Surrey, BC

Virginia Ash
Lower Sackville, NS

Jude Pilote
Chilliwack, BC

Heidi Clarke
Saskatoon, SK

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

Karen Braun
No Address

Brenda Foster
No Address

Linda Reid
No Address


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