I know this is completely off topic, but I just need to whine a little.

I just got back from a walk down one of my property lines, we have about 23
acres that we just moved to last April. There is a wonderful moss covered
trail that runs the long end of our land, it wanders from our side of the
line to our neighbours. I’ve never met him but I understand he is up in
years and has no family. A logging company is stripping the property as we

The trail is now half the length it was, they have taken every single tree
up to our line. They don’t even leave a single twig. I walked back the
line with tears freezing on my face, I must have looked pathetic.

I know that the woodland around here is in desperate need of some
management. We are very slowly beginning that process. Selectively cutting
trees for lumber, trying to give things a chance. We have a long way to go,
so far only three trees down since the ground froze, but it’s a start.

What they did over there is horrible, I feel sick.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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