I posted a message on the spindle list I’m on, hoping someone will answer
with Canadian suppliers of the Mongold spindles.

After three days of driving and workshops (unfortunately not fibre related)
I am finally home for a day. I plan to do lots of carding, spinning and
weaving today.

I’ve gotten messages from a couple of people saying they have already sent
their fibre swap packages off. I hope to mail mine tomorrow, if not it will
be Monday, nothing like a little pressure to get things done.

I got a chance to meet Liz Miller  last weekend.
I was home for a visit to NB and took a drive to Liz’s beautiful spot
overlooking the river. She has a wonderful studio space with huge windows
letting in the sunshine, and of course the view of the water. We had a
great afternoon chatting, checking out the projects she is working on, and
of course I had to drool over her picker, drum carders and various wheels.

She sent me home with a wonderful bag of carded fleece and smaller samples
that she uses as touchy feely bags for her classes. She was also very kind
when looking at my first attempts at carding, even gave me a few tips. It
really is helpful to see someone in the flesh when trying to learn something
new. All my books are good, but it just isn’t the same.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

(PS. I’m really not so young, in fact I’m a year older today)



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