Can’t wait to see what Liz has in store for me, hope my basic weaving skills
will do her incredible spinning justice. I will be sure to post pictures of
the finished product.

> On the fibre related side, Julie in Wolfville and I are going to do a project together. I will do the spinning and colour planning and Julie will do the weaving. And to think we didn’t know each other before this list came along! Neat.

> Julie’s and my project will reflect a lot of the fibre I received through the swap. The warp will all be the same, but the weft will be different for all 5 scarves. Maybe Julie will be able to post the pictures to the List.

I too have been on the lazy side as far as posting to the list. A temp job
last month and then starting a new semi-permanent position two weeks ago
today sort of threw me off balance. I have been doing a bit of spinning
though. I got my own wheel a few weeks ago from a wonderful acquaintance.
It is an Ashford Traditional. It has been sitting for a while, but in
relatively good condition. I am in need of a couple more bobbins for it,
any vendors out there, or anyone with a few spares they want to sell for a
reasonable price?

I borrowed a drum carder from a friend, I’m very excited about the fibre
I’ve been preparing on it, light and fluffy and so easy to spin. I did up a
new bunch for Sue, my ever patient fibre exchange recipient (at least I hope
she will be soon.) First I forgot her, then her package became a victim of
Canada Post. Only the second time in my experience that a package has
gotten lost, very upsetting.

The weather here has been warm but the wind and rain yesterday were
something else. One of our pear trees is now about half the size it used to
be and one of the flowering bushes out front will have to come down

On a fibre note, I have started to learn to knit with my handspun. This
comes from my decision to get people in my local spinning group together to
make a blanket for a weaver we know. She is the woman who gave me her
spinning wheel, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and I really wanted to do
something for her. I know the Spin list does afghans and I thought we could
do the same for Jackie. The squares have started rolling in, so beautiful.
I’m so glad I decided to learn to knit for this, makes it so much more

Anyway, off I go, want to finish carding a bit more, and spin a bobbin full.
I also need to get moving on my double width blanket, Liz’s fibre won’t be
that far off and I need to get the blanket off the loom 🙂 Makes for a good
motivator, something I definitely need these days.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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