Since it has been so quiet here lately I thought I’d throw out a question to
the crowd.

I have a friend who is a spinner and keeps sheep, she is seriously
considering a fibre related business. Anyone have any thoughts on the
subject. We are talking about spinning supplies, possibly a bit of knitting
and weaving. She would like to include her own fleece as well as handspun
for sale. Workshops would be something I would like to encourage her to do,
including all the fibre related areas (weaving and felting would be next in
line after spinning)

I’ve mentioned to her that I really think that e-commerce should be a part
of things, mail order is extremely popular. So does anyone have any advice,
ideas, thoughts? Location is another issue, she has a very perfect farm 2
minutes outside of Wolfville, NS, major University and tourist area. She
has ample space and a beautiful location, but is that enough? Do you want
or need retail space in a high traffic shopping area?

I was thinking that anyone who is interested in handspun, and spinning in
general will be quite pleased to go to an area such as her property. It is
by no means off the beaten path, we both live in a beautiful valley outside
of a very popular small town, within a larger valley that again an extremely
popular destination. She already spends most of the spring with cars lined
up in front of her field looking at the sheep.

Ok everyone, give me lots of info to pass on to Brenda, I really want to see
her go ahead with this whole thing.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

PS I think the fibre exchange has finally been finished, about time 🙂 My
package to Sue Northcott arrived safely, what a relief.

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