If anyone is looking for flax seed for fibre purposes I have a source here
in Canada. Timothy Niedermann of Fibrex Quebec Inc. has been very helpful
and suggested that he would be pleased to supply other handspinners with

He can be reached at, 450-371-0333, his email address is
tniedermann@… I’m not sure if he is a big email user or not,
I did send him one and he called me later in the day.

The variety that he sold me was “Hermes”, apparently it is one of the more
recent varieties being used in Europe. His price was considerably more
reasonable then what Richter’s wanted ($80/kg) at $2/kg it was well worth
the $36 FedEx charge to get it here overnight.

If you want to give it a shot I would suggest calling him right away, it is
getting very late for planting, I hope to have mine in the ground tomorrow

I will be posting another message in a day or two about flax seed sources in
the USA. I have yet to hear back from some of them, but it may be good for
planning next year.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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