I haven’t been around much these past couple of months, my job and summer
have me absolutely swamped, but I’m still reading about everyone’s projects
and whatnot. Thought I’d post a quick note to tell everyone about my flax.
I planted a 20 x 30 plot of fibre flax, the variety is Hermes, apparently is
one of the more recent varieties being used in Europe.

Anyway, it was planted on June 12, a bit late, but we have a pretty long
growing season here so it should be ok. The fella I got it from said it
should be pulled 65 to 75 days after planting, still a ways to go yet. I
think the next week or so is going to be incredible, the little blue flowers
have started to burst open, only a few yesterday, quite a few more today, I
can’t wait until it is in full bloom.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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