I organized an exchange some time ago, I have a good idea of what worked and what didn’t, and would
like to organize another.

The last time we put together 8oz packages of clean, ready to spin fibre, of
your choice. You can do as many exchanges as you’d like. I would have
everyone send their packages to me, and then distribute them from here, you
would be guaranteed to get fibre from another part of the country.

Last time each participant sent their package directly to the person they
were exchanging with, for the most part this worked, but there was one
person who didn’t follow through and send out their package. Other then
that, and a mistake I made forgetting to send out one of the addresses,
things went fairly smooth. I would eliminate the possibility of someone not
following through by having all packages sent to me and distributing from
here. As for eliminating my mistake, I’ll let my total embarrassment from
the last experience take care of that 🙂

If anyone is interested in participating, please email me off list with the
number of exchanges you’d like to do, include your opinion on a deadline for
mailing out your packages. I don’t mind doing the exchange before the
holiday season is in full swing, but that may be difficult for some people,
let me know what you think.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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