Here it is, the official announcement of the CANSPIN winter fibre exchange.
The deadline for mailing your items is January 15th, 2002. Each fibre
contribution should be 8oz, and should be ready to spin, clean fibre, of
your choice of course.

You are welcome to send as many packages as you’d like, please email me
privately to sign up and to let me know how many exchanges you will be
doing. All packages will be sent to me for distribution. I would suggest
putting a personal note with each of your exchanges, pictures of your flock,
whatever you like. You should also include a money order equal to what it
cost you to ship your package to me. If possible, please use packaging that
I will be able to reuse.

This exchange will be an excellent mid-winter break. If everyone mails
their package by the January 15th deadline I should receive them before the
end of the month. It will take me a few days to get them shipped out again,
perhaps everyone will end up with a Valentine’s gift.

Please email me privately to sign up, I will then send you shipping
information. Several people expressed interest a few weeks ago, but I would
ask that you send me an email to confirm your participation. If you have
any questions, lets try to keep them off list.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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