Here is the final reminder about the fibre exchange. We currently have
twenty confirmed participants doing 46 exchanges in total. There are still
three people who need to confirm the number of exchanges they plan on doing,
and one person who hasn’t sent me their full mailing address yet, I’ve sent
private reminders to all of them, but check the list just in case you missed
my email.

The deadline for signing up, and mailing your fibre for exchange is January
15th, 2002, that would be tomorrow. Each exchange should consist of 8oz of
clean fibre for spinning along with a personal note to go along with it, and
anything else you’d like to include. Last time I received a wonderful
picture of the sheep my fibre came from, what a treat. Packages sent to me
should be reusable, so I can repack it for shipping back to you. A money
order should be included for the same amount it costs you to ship your
package to me.

Below is a list of all those who I have on my list of participants. If you
aren’t on the list and would like to be, or think I should already have your
name, please touch base with me ASAP.

We’ve got quite a few participants from BC, Alberta and Ontario, anyone else
out there from another province, or state, who would like to join in?

Donna F British Columbia ?
Linda M Nova Scotia ?
Lianne R Alberta 6
Nicole O Ontario 6
Cindy V British Columbia 1
Roberta M Alberta 2
Karen B British Columbia 1
Elaine D British Columbia 1
Celeste C ? 5
Eileen L Ontario 1
Hannelore L British Columbia ?
Connie C Alberta 1
Patrese S Ontario 4
Dianne B Ontario 4
Ruth B Alberta 1
Elizabeth P Ontario 3
Carol P Alberta 3
Julie R Nova Scotia 5
Heidi W New Brunswick 1
Pat D Michigan 1

Total 46


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