Bitterly cold here in Nova Scotia, we’ve been a bit spoiled these past few
weeks, haven’t cleared snow since the second week of February. As soon as
the calendar said spring, the weather reverted to winter, snow, wind and
cold. Good weather for weavers though.

I am in for a fibre filled weekend. I have invited a weaver from Halifax to
come for the night and join our spinning/weaving group on Sunday. She moved
here from Britain and has had little contact with other weavers since
arriving, time to change that. Before I pick her up today I will stop at
Value Village, a used goods department store, they have a great wool
section, bags full of odd bits of yarn, and the odd cone of cotton or wool,
sometimes several. You can easily head out of there with enough materials
for a project for under $5 or $10. My best find yet was enough natural
coloured cotton carpet warp to make a 10 metre warp for rag rugs, 255 ends.

Must get cleaning,

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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