I was just admiring the skein of rainbow dyed fibre I got a few weeks ago,
it will eventually become a scarf. This is after I make some string
heddles, as it is a fun novelty yarn that just won’t fit through the metal
heddles on my loom.

This got me thinking, I organized a couple of fibre exchanges on the Canspin
list, would anyone be interested in a weaving exchange? If yes, any
suggestions on what it should be? I participated in a bookmark exchange a
few years ago, it was fun, but I was a beginning weaver and tried something
too hard, a wonderful learning experience.

Other questions that begged to be asked, what time frame is appropriate, we
did a month from the announcement to the mailing date for the fibre
exchange, but that doesn’t involve nearly as much work. I was thinking of
two months, is that appropriate?

Email me privately so that I can gauge the interest, if we have enough
people then I will go ahead.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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