I currently have a 10 metre natural cotton carpet warp on my 36″ Leclerc
counterbalance floor loom. This is being woven, although very slowly, into
45″ long rag rugs. The weft is vintage material waste from a local women’s
clothing designer. All the fabrics she uses to make her clothing is unused
vintage fabric from the 40’s-70’s, lots of wool, some synthetic material,
all really funky and beautiful. She purchases the leftover bolts of fabric
all across the country, but primarily in Montreal I believe. I am lucky
enough to live nearby, so I have easy access to the material left over after
patterns are cut out.

As for our guild, the Potluck Spinners and Weavers are gathering on Sunday,
May 26th at the home of Marilyn Rand, sheppardess, spinner, weaver, dyer,
potter, machine knitter, etc, etc. All are welcome, email me for details,
and don’t forget to bring a dish to share.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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