The Potluck Spinners and Weavers met again on Sunday May 26th. This time at
the home of Marilyn Rand, a farm in Delhaven, on the Fundy Coast. In
attendance were of course Marilyn, myself, Ken Cavanagh, Brenda Gilmour and
Peggy Struve, all of whom I’ve already introduced. There were a few

Pia Skaarer Nielsen of the Wonderous Woolerie, who lives just outside
Canning, NS. Our wild Danish weaver, spinner, dyer, sheppardess, spindle
and kniddy knoddy maker. Pia just got back from a month back in her
homeland, so she returned even more wired then ever. A couple of you
received her fibre in the last exchange, and she’s participating again this
time. Karen Braun, I hear you have made a special surprise with your fibre,
Marie mentioned it, but would not give any details, her lips were sealed.

Delia Burge from the Pictou area, what an incredible woman. I’ve heard her
name since my first spinning experience, but I had never had the chance to
meet her before. Delia is a sheppardess, weaver, spinner, dyer, shop owner
and has a couple of videos out there as well. She kept us laughing with
stories of her intellectually challenged goats, angora bunnies running wild
and my favourite, her 17 year old cow who likes to wander off. This cow
apparently took off last winter and after two or three days, still had not
returned from her wanderings up the hill, so Delia decided to find her. On
her way up the road in the absolute freezing cold she stopped to check her
mail. In the box was a handwoven scarf that she had won at the PEI retreat
earlier in the fall, she whipped it out of the box and around her neck.
Lucky that it arrived just in time for her excursion to retrieve the rogue

We discussed our spinning retreat planned for the first weekend in November.
This will be in the Pictou area of Nova Scotia. We have booked the
Stonehame Lodge for the occasion. This will be along the same lines as the
retreat held on PEI last fall, which everyone is still talking about. We’ve
set a limit of 45 participants, we have begun planning a few activities,
we’re putting together a list of possible vendors to have on site, so if you
know anyone who would like to sell their wares, please let us know. Nova
Scotia is absolutely gorgeous in the fall, so hopefully we’ll see some of
you there, please email me for info.

Ken Cavanagh is at it again, our man spinner makes spinning wheels, carders,
you name it, he does it. He is now making miniature spinning wheels for a
mill on PEI.

Peggy Struve, our newest member, is also a member of the Kedgi Weavers on
the South Shore of NS. Her group will be coming to visit us on Monday, June
10th. They always plan a field trip for their last monthly meeting before
breaking for the summer. This year they will come to Wolfville for a tour
of Applewicks, where Potluck member Brenda Gilmour is employed. Applewicks
is the workshop space and storefront for our local L’Arche community.
Individuals with mental and physical disabilities work there, making candles
and weaving. After the tour, we’ll head to Canning for, of course, a
potluck lunch at Pia’s home and studio.

I am organizing a fibre exchange on the CANSPIN internet mailing list and a
scarf/runner exchange on CANWEAVE another mailing list. If anyone would
like details on either event, please drop me a line. The deadline for the
fibre exchange is June 15th and for the weaving exchange it is September

Our next big event will take place on Saturday, June 29th at the Wolfville
Farmer’s Market. The Potluck Spinners and Weavers will set up an informal
sheep to shawl. We’ll be spinning on spindles, Great Wheels and more modern
wheels, we will have a loom set up for people to try their hand at. Dyeing,
knitting, angora rabbits, and hopefully we will shear a sheep and wash the
fleece. Members will bring finished pieces and make lots of noise, I mean
LOTS OF NOISE, about the joys of working with fibre.

So that’s the low down from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, what’s
happening in your area?

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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