Hi all, here are the first details about the weaving exchange.

The scarf or runner should be a minimum size of 10″ by 60″, not including
the fringe. Materials and pattern are entirely up to each participant.
This is a learning exchange, so don’t hesitate to try something new, the
list is always there if you have questions, or need encouragement.

In addition to your woven scarf or runner you should include a note to the
recipient, some people include pictures, momentos or newsletters from local
guilds. Most importantly you should also include the following information
about your project;

Equipment used (ie, 4-shaft loom, reed size, number of shuttles)
Materials (yarn, rags etc)
Material Sources (indicate if it was handspun)
Warp and Weft Information (EPI, PPI, width in reed)
Pattern draft (Tie-up and treadling information)
Pattern Source (if you can include a photocopy that would be great)

Your scarf or runner should be packed in a reusable envelope or box,
remember that size of packaging does determine price with Canada Post. Your
return address and my address should both be clearly marked on the package.
In your package you should also include a money order for equivalent postage
(remember the tax). All exchanges will be shipped to me and then
distributed from here.

Please email to confirm your full name, mailing address and the number of
exchanges you plan on doing. Once I receive that information I will email
my mailing address.

The deadline for mailing your exchange is September 1st, 2002.

Have fun with this. I’ve heard from one participant who plans on using her
scarf exchange as a sampler for the shawl challenge currently in the works
on the CANSPIN list. I’m taking the opportunity to use some novelty yarn
that normally I’d never attempt weaving with.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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