I had the most wonderful surprise last Sunday. I received a message from a
woman by the name of Laurie Autio from Massachusetts, she was in my area and
was wondering if I’d like to get together. I called her back and arranged
to have her come to my home in the Gaspereau Valley.

Laurie is the study group coordinator for the Complex Weavers. She and her
family were in Nova Scotia for meetings her husband was attending.

She arrived at my place around 11am, we sat and chatted while I made a fruit
and pasta salad to take to lunch at my wild Danish weaving friends home. I
showed Laurie the projects I’m working on, and then we headed across the
Valley to Pia’s house and studio, the Wonderous Woolerie. As you can tell
by our guild name, Potluck Spinners and Weavers, food is a priority for us,
so lunch came first and then much talk of weaving, teaching, spinning and
fibre in general.

We then had a tour of Pia’s studio, Laurie seemed to really love all the
colour and texture, quite a contrast to her description of projects that
involve many shafts and much structure. It is perfect that we all seem to
focus on different types of projects, it gives us something to get excited
about whenever we meet someone new.

I was able to pick Laurie’s brain about a few concerns I had about draw in
and finishing. The internet is a great tool, but sometimes you just want a
real person to look at something in person.

If anyone is in Nova Scotia on business or vacation, please don’t hesitate
to drop me a line. Even on short notice, as long as you don’t mind a messy

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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