Just thought I’d send out a reminder about the scarf/runner exchange that
was announced on June 1st. To date we have 12 participants. If anyone is
interested in joining the exchange, the deadline is September 1st, 2002.
The scarf or runner should be a minimum size of 10″ wide by 60″ long not
including fringe. The complexity of the design and materials used are
completely up to you. Please email me for details on shipping etc.

You can used the exchange to experiment with something new, or to show off
your favourite design or fibre. Judi Dixon is planning on using this
exchange as a sample for the shawl challenge currently in the works on the
Canspin list.

Here’s who has signed up so far.

Julie Rosvall Nova Scotia
Pia Skaarer Neilson Nova Scotia
Karen Braun British Columbia
Germaine Osborn Ontario
*Judi Dixon* Alberta
*Toni Gatland*
*Joyce Keay*
*Ann Rostrup* Ontario
*Catherine Hagemann*
*Anne Thomas* Saskatchewan
*Peggy Struve* Nova Scotia
Marilyn Rand Nova Scotia

If your name has stars beside it, can you please email me privately with
your full postal address.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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