Another great evening with the Potluck Spinners and Weavers here in the
Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Thursday supper time found us at the home
of Marilyn Rand, I walked in at 5:30pm to a spread of food you wouldn’t
believe. Baked beans, salads of all descriptions, scalloped potatoes,
rhubarb desserts of three different varieties and the best part lamb kabobs,

Marilyn’s sheep, ducks and chickens provided entertainment outside her
picture window as we talked and spun and ate. Of course there was Marilyn,
Pia, Peggy, Ken and myself, and few others…

Kim Ellis of Southpaw Farm in Falmouth, who did our shearing at the Farmers
Market a couple of weekends ago made an appearance. She showed off her
white and her grey Cotswold fleece, I think I’m in love with the grey which
came from an 8 year old ewe named Matilda. Kim was excited to hear that our
adventures at the Market made it into the local paper, a full page spread of

Dawn Miner, who has many, many sheep came to see us for the first time in
months. She brought with her the reason she’s been absent for so long, one
month old Claire, her absolutely perfect little daughter, so beautiful, and
already learning that fibre is good and fibre people are even better. Poor
Dawn had a hard time taking Claire back, with all these crazy women fighting
to take care of her 🙂

Darlene Barr is another busy woman we haven’t seen in some time. Darlene
teaches grade seven so rarely has any free time during the school year, but
we get her back during the summer months. She spins on a wheel that her
husband Erik built for her a few years ago. Everyone enjoyed hearing about
her first spinning exploits, she used to work at zoo in the area, so has
some pretty unusual fibre in her stash. One of the first things she decided
to spin was the very short and very soft fur from an arctic fox. It was a
battle, but she did it. She has also spun lion mane, she then wove it as a
gift to the owners of the zoo.

Our evening went on with talk of babies and teenagers, Alpaca fibre and our
fall spinning retreat, crowing roosters and soumak weaving techniques. I
delivered fibre exchange packages. Marilyn got some wonderful wool from a
sheep named Winston c/o Cindy Van Duin in BC, Peggy received both light and
dark Alpaca from Nicole Okun in Ontario. Peggy chatted about the scarf she
will weave for the exchange on the Canweave list, she thought for a moment
she might use some of the Alpaca, but then decided that no, that was her’s,
all her’s.

The last of us staggered out of Marilyn’s around 10pm, full of food, warm
thoughts and a present of brown Alpaca from our wild Danish weaving friend

Our next gathering is coming up soon, it will be a marathon day at Pia
Skaarer Nielsen’s farm and studio outside of Canning, Nova Scotia. Her
family is going camping, so she’s opening up her home for a dawn til dusk
fibre party. I’ll keep you posted regarding the date.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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