Just checking in regarding the scarf/runner exchange. Unfortunately I got
an email from Judi Dixon last week saying she would not be able to
participate. If anyone would like to take over her spot, or if you would
like to join in, drop me an email for details. The deadline for mailing
your package is September 1st, 2002.

I am still looking for postal information from Toni Gatland, Anne Thomas and
Catherine Hagemann, so if you could touch base with me that would be great.

I haven’t actually started weaving my scarf yet. I just received a warping
mill as a gift from a wonderful friend who is moving back to England. This
thing is a monster. It is a semi-automatic horizontal warping mill, likely
manufactured in the 1950’s. I contacted Maurice Brassard to get more
information about it, and he had never seen one, and was quite interested.
I do have instructions, but they were written in the 50’s and are rather
hard to follow. I’m getting there though, I wound and unwound my scarf warp
a dozen times on Saturday trying to make the counter and heck block work
together, no luck yet, but very close.

I’d love to hear from anyone else interested in participating.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


Julie Rosvall Nova Scotia
Pia Skaarer Neilson Nova Scotia
Karen Braun British Columbia
Germain Osborn Ontario
Toni Gatland
Ann Rostrup Ontario
Catherine Hagemann
Anne Thomas Saskatchewan
Peggy Struve Nova Scotia
Marilyn Rand Nova Scotia


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