Just thought I’d send out a quick note to let everyone know our first
Spin-Out was a great success. As challenged by Spin-Off magazine, the
Potluck Spinners and Weavers were spinning in public on the first Friday in
August. We met in front of the library/museum in Canning, Nova Scotia.
There were five wheels and one drop spindle in motion.

There were people walking and driving by with looks of amazement on their
faces. Several people stopped to ask questions, or share stories about
their fibre experiences. All the spinners received a wonderful gift from
Marilyn Rand. After seeing the orifice hook I received as part of the fibre
exchange I organized this spring, Marilyn made some of her own, she used a
heavy gauge wire and some beautiful wooden beads, and voila.

Marilyn also brought me a copy of Karen Casselman’s “Craft of the Dyer” that
she found at a used bookstore, she’s such a sweetheart. I can’t wait to try
out some of the natural dyes, I have 25 acres of material to work with, I
suppose I should get started.

The special guest at our Spin-Out was Peggy Struve’s husband Fred. He
didn’t bring his wheel, but I hear he’s a wonderful spinner, so we hope to
entice him to join us in the future. Peggy has him well trained, as I sat
there spinning some grey Cotswold he would reach over and gently pick
vegetable matter out of my fibre, he’s a keeper.

There are several things coming up for the Potluckers in the coming weeks,
I’ll keep everyone posted. We will be spinning in public the first Friday
of every month, I will announce the locations as they are decided.

Happy Spinning,

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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