I got this wonderful note from Ann regarding the weaving exchange…

“From: ann rostrup
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 11:01 AM
To: rosvall
Subject: Woweee

Yesterday’s mail had something wonderful! Marilyn Rand’s lovely spinning
weaving altogether in one colourful golroius piece arrived here. The
mohair is
silky and the colour blends fabulous. I want to use it as a table runner
now. I’ll take a digital picture and add it to my web page so we can all
this Josef’s many coloured scarf.

Julie, did you take a picture of all the scarves? And how many did you
to move around Canada? Lets hear the whole tale. I just looked up the last
list of participants and couldn’t find the Lois Brown’s name. Is she on
list too?

And who else has scarves today?



I was glad to hear she is enjoying her package. I did take photos of all the
scarves, and I will post them once I know that Toni and Germaine have
received their boxes. Considering this exchange was the first and took
place over the summer it had a good number at nine scarves heading from one
part of the country to another.

In the end we had…

Karen Braun, BC
Marilyn Rand, NS
Pia Skaarer Nielsen, NS
Julie Rosvall, NS
Lois Brown, PEI (x2)
Germaine Osbourne, ON
Toni Gatland, BC
Ann Rostrup, ON

Lois Brown is a weaver and new spinner on Prince Edward Island, I believe
she did sign up for Canweave, but don’t quote me on that. She won’t receive
her two scarves until the weekend of the retreat, which is less then two
weeks away.

I hope to do another finished project exchange over the winter so start
thinking of what you might like to do next.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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