I promise I will get to writing about the retreat and the exchange
soon. After a few days of recovery after the retreat I’m afraid I had to
deal with some mother-in-law problems, so have been taking rest when
available. She’s a wonderful woman, but somehow her body and her mind
interrupt that from time to time.

One good thing did come of all this, I did get to visit Heidi Wulfraat at
London-Wul Farm. On the way back from New Brunswick I was going to stay in
Moncton with another friend, and drop in on Sunday to visit Heidi at the
shop. My friend ended up being away, so I called Heidi to let her know I
wouldn’t be stopping, she and her husband Arnold invited me to stay at their
place. What a great evening, we ate homemade pizza, watched a very
intriguing British thriller, chatted and enjoyed the company of their three
dogs and several birds. I then of course spent some money on knitting
needles and angora in the morning.

By the way, I have tried to upload the pictures of the scarves to the
yahoogroups Canweave photos section. I seem to be denied access to both the
Canweave and Canspin photos sections. It keeps telling me access denied,
you can only upload to your own folder. It is my folder! I have tried
contacting yahoogroups several times, with no luck. Before the trouble
started I did put one picture of the scarves, it is in my folder, under
weaving exchange.

Talk to everyone soon,

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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