I am trying to locate some information about a wheel that is for sale near
my home.
I just spoke to the woman who owns the wheel. She is convinced
the name of the wheel is Katie, although it has no markings that indicate
This is what is on the bottom of the wheel.

Made in New Zealand
P.O.Box 1121


She has had the wheel for at least 30 years. I asked her if the flyer was
beside the wheel or over top of it, she thought it was more to the side.

I received feedback on the Canspin list about the Wee Peggy being
manufactured by
Rappard some time ago, and also a traditional wheel. I also found a
reference that
mentions Wee Peggy’s manufacturer as Rappaport in New Zealand and of course
out of business and now manufactured by Ashford. The owner of the wheel was
very clear that the name on the bottom was Rappard, and neither of the
on Canspin contradicted that information, so I am assuming that the website
found misspelled the name.

Any thoughts? Anyone ever heard of this type of wheel? I’d like to have
an idea
of whether bobbins and parts would be available aftermarket, what I should
looking for when I look at it, and perhaps a starting point
regarding price. Knowing how much it sold for originally would be a bonus.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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