I had my concerns about spinning at the mall. Not because we’re a shy
bunch, but because saying I dislike malls is being very diplomatic. I
dislike most things sold at malls, I dislike the layout, the darkness, air
quality, I have great concern for the children of people who go to the mall
for entertainment. The Potluck Spinners and Weavers had our public Spin-Out
at the County Fair Mall in New Minas, Nova Scotia yesterday, and it was a
great success.

Unfortunately Santa wasn’t there to greet us, but the mall maintenance guys
were just putting up a fresh Christmas tree, what an incredible smell. We
had a great deal of interest from the public, one teenage guy was heard
saying “that’s sweet” as he checked out the wheel’s and fibre. Several
older gentlemen had stories of their grandmother’s at the great wheel, or
helping with the carding.

Most stared in amazement, and had many questions about where we get our
fibre, and who builds the wheels. It was great to have some Ashfords, a
Majacraft, a couple of Louet’s and a Lendrum, two drop spindlers (one high,
one low whorl) and a support spindle in the mix.

Several people went away with membership forms for our guild, or information
about fibre and equipment available across the country. I had set out the
extra brochures I had left over from people like Kathy Baker, Colleen Hovey,
Celeste Colbourne to name but a few.

The greatest pleasure of the day was to meet Richard and Joanne Harvie.
Joanne is a natural, she picked up a spindle and Richard could hardly pry it
from her hands 🙂 She had never spun before, and never met any of us, but I
know we caught her, she will be a spinner. Being in the mall was worthwhile
if I get to see her smiling face at our next gathering.

Our next Spin-Out has yet to be determined, I’ll keep everyone posted as the
date approaches.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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