Fibre Road Trip

My wild Danish weaving friend Pia and I went on a short road trip yesterday.  We visited the Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers Annual show and sale at the Scott Manor House in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

What a treat, we got to see the work of many fine Nova Scotia weavers.  There were scarves, mitts, woven checker boards, silk fusion artwork, woven boxes and pins, rugs, garments, house wares and so much more.  The ASH members had a lovely display up and kept us warm and cozy with hot apple cider, ginger snaps and a wonderful fruit bread.

I went away with a handspun, Kool-Aid dyed, hand knit pair of mitts, so lovely.  Pia was almost reeling with ideas for her next projects, I think she went immediately to her studio when she got home.  Both Pia and I were pleased with the pricing we saw on the hand-woven items, it is often difficult for people to price their work at its true value.

It was wonderful to see Pauline Kemp, Phyllis Orlik, Fran Nowakowski and Alicia Marr to name but a few.  Such a wealth of talent.

Congratulations to ASH on a job well done, in particular the ladies who pulled it all together.  I hope you decide to make it bigger and better next fall, perhaps have people showing the process, make it a hands on experience, hell, make it a party!

Julie Rosvall

Potluck Spinners and Weavers

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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