The Potluck Spinners and Weavers spinning day at Marilyn’s was especially
productive for me yesterday. I completed my recovery hat for my friend
Rhonda with help from Pia. I also learned how to turn a heel with her help
as well. I am now well on my way to completing my socks, day 57 and
counting. To top things off I finished spinning up some roving, courtesy of
Ellen in Alberta, that I rainbow dyed at the Judith Mackenzie workshop. I
was worried about the florescent colours in the roving, but it spun up

We arrived at Marilyn’s to a big surprise, she rented a van on Saturday and
picked up three llama’s, one white, one black and one brown. They looked so
wonderful grazing in the field outside her picture window. We were
wondering why the expedition was such a secret, apparently she was worried
about renting the van for transporting livestock, so didn’t want to tell
anyone until the deal was done 🙂

There was an awful lot of knitting going on for a spinning day, Brenda madly
trying to finish two scarves for Christmas presents, me on my hat and socks
and a very special guest. Dawn, who last visited us with her two week old
daughter Claire back in June, arrived unexpectedly. Claire is bound to be
involved in fibre eventually, I’ve never seen such a pleasant 6 month old,
completely fascinated by the wheels, especially our man spinner Ken’s. Dawn
was working on a pair of heavy socks with some lovely sage and white yarn
that I thought she said came from McAusland’s on PEI, but don’t quote me on
that. Claire was helping her of course.

We were also happy to see Kim Ellis back in action after a long absence.
She had some of her gorgeous grey Cotswold Matilda, I love that sheep. Kim
keeps us entertained with some great stories, and the most wonderful thing
of all, she has to get cracking preparing for a very special Christmas
season. Her nine year old son hasn’t forgotten Santa yet, that really is
something to cherish.

Kim wasn’t the only one telling stories yesterday, Brenda had her share.
She lost a lamb to a thief a few months ago, and now recently her sheep
crossing sign was stolen, she’s sure the same person must have done it. She
could be heard saying under her breath, “I have my suspects…”, too funny.

Brenda received a number of fleeces recently, some of which are too dirty to
deal with. Since I’ll spin almost anything, I’m going to head over to her
farm to learn about sorting fleeces, and I’ll get to bring home what she
doesn’t want, that aren’t too far gone.

In addition to all the fibre, we ate of course, liver pate, which is a
Danish holiday tradition, courtesy of Pia, pasta salad, juicy tangerines,
orange cranberry muffins and I made a Middle Eastern lentil, rice and onion
dish that seemed to hit the spot.

I’m sad to say we won’t meet again until after the holidays, January will
bring Tuesday spinning, a visit to Angora Hill Farm and thoughts of warmer

Happy Holidays and a Fibery New Year to all…

Julie Rosvall
Potluck Spinners and Weavers
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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