January Spin in Public

Oh what a day. On Friday the Potluck Spinners and Weavers were at the
Wolfville Memorial Library for our monthly spinning in public. What a
relief after nearly a month without seeing everyone. The library staff and
patrons were thrilled to have us, and provided a space right by the front
door. They were warned ahead of time that we weren’t exactly the quiet
types, and they assured us that wasn’t a problem.

I arrived a bit early to set up a little display table, and started getting
questions immediately. Most were simply fascinated, but two women, one in
her 50’s and another not yet 20 were both shocked that spinning wheels still
existed, somewhere other then in a museum. I didn’t know whether to laugh
or cry.

Ken arrived carrying the most wonderful picture. It was of a group of
spinners on Prince Edward Island from early in the 1900’s. I count fifteen
spinning wheels and a wool winder. Such a treasure. I immediately went
upstairs to the CAP site to scan it, and have posted it in the photos
section of the Canspin list, it will make you so proud to be a spinner a
hundred years later.

We were joined by two new spinners, Joanne, who met us last month at the
mall, and a good friend of hers, who’s name I didn’t catch. Joanne is so
excited about spinning, and is working away at some pencil rovings on her
new drop spindle from Pia. She was very concerned about the impending
storm, she wanted to be sure she wouldn’t run out of fibre before the storm
was over and the roads clear again 🙂 Joanne’s husband Richard is a
sweetheart. He stays and chats while she spins, and is my new email buddy.
Joanne doesn’t use the computer, so he emails me to find out what’s coming
up, what a guy.

There was one other woman who joined our guild, Judith, she came, she saw,
she filled out a form and was gone. She will join us on either Tuesday or
Saturday of this week for spinning, and was pleased to hear she could bring
her knitting. I’d like to welcome her to the group.

It was a truly enjoyable afternoon, with myself, Marilyn and Ken at our
wheels. Pia, Joanne and her friend, Sylvie and her husband on their

I have posted a few pictures on the Canspin photos section for those who
subscribe to that list. The PEI spinners photo is in my folder Julie
Rosvall2, and the others are in a folder within that one. If you are on
another list, or if I email you personally, and want to see one of these
pictures, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

Julie Rosvall
Potluck Spinners and Weavers
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (where the plow hasn’t been by since late last night,
and the driveway needs shoveling)


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