I just got off the phone with Bill Richardson.  For those of you who don’t know, or who don’t live in Canada so don’t listen to CBC radio, he hosts a show called Richardson’s Roundup from 2-4pm on weekday afternoons.  He picks up some of the more interesting stories featured on other CBC programs, plays lots of wonderful music, talks to interesting people, asks listeners to call in about all kinds of funny and strange little topics.

I began emailing my posts to the Roundup a couple of weeks ago, thinking there are lots of spinners out there who aren’t online, but certainly might listen to the radio, and perhaps Bill might read a post on the air.  Well, he’s thinking of doing one better then that.  He called me about an hour ago, and wanted to know what it is we do, and in the conversation asked if it was all women.  I said well no, we have a few men, but our first was Ken, our man spinner.  I told him about Ken’s start in spinning at the age of 70 and how he makes spinning wheels and how he melted down aluminum to build a large carding machine.  So Bill asked for Ken’s number and said he’d like to talk to him.  I got a call back ten minutes later saying that Bill will have Ken on Richardson’s Roundup as part of St.Distaff’s Day tomorrow!  I’m so excited.

So everyone has to tune in, the show is broadcast from 2-4pm nationwide, so the earliest you can listen is 2:06pm Atlantic time.  

Julie Rosvall

Wolfville, NS


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