Ok, I’ve been wanting to organize another weaving exchange for months. I
really enjoyed the scarves, and thought winter would be a good time for
another exchange, but couldn’t come up with an item. While getting ready to
post my message about the Roundup broadcast tomorrow I noticed the winner of
the tartan contest on their web page. I’ve never woven tartan, but hey, how
hard could it be!

So here is the exchange idea. Each participant weaves their interpretation
of the Roundup Tartan. This will be a sample exchange, so we can each have
a full set. What is the smallest the piece could be and still show off the
tartan? Is a mug rug too small a table runner too big? What is the maximum
number of samples you would want to do? We definitely need to include one
of each for Bill Richardson.

The deadline for signing up will be February 1st, 2003. The deadline for
mailing April 1st, 2003. Once again all packages will be sent to me,
compiled and mailed out from here. So everyone will hopefully get their
packages by the beginning of May.

Here is the Roundup web page address. A description of the colours used in
the winning tartan is there on the front page. There is a very small sketch
of her idea, if you think we need that I can try and get a better picture.


I look forward to hearing everyone’s ideas.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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