Just a reminder that Ken Cavanaugh of the Potluck Spinners and Weavers will
be on Richardson’s Roundup this afternoon, a nationally broadcast Canadian
radio program. The five minute interview was broadcast between 3-3:30pm
Atlantic time, and will run at the same time in each time zone on CBC Radio
One. So you can still hear it in the Central, Mountain or Pacific zones.
You can do this on the Internet as well by going to the Roundup web site,
clicking on cbc.ca/autio.html link on the right hand side of screen, just
below where it says Listen to Richardson’s Roundup. This will bring you to
a screen with a map of Canada, you can then choose a location to listen

So this means that if you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and missed the
broadcast, you still have three more chances to hear it on the Internet.
Same goes for Boston, Massachessets, Ottawa, Ontario, etc. etc.

So here is the address.


For the record, Ken sounded great, and was nearly bursting at the buttons
with pride. He talked about how he got into spinning, the equipment he’s
made and comments briefly on all the ladies he gets to meet as a man spinner
🙂 So if you have a chance to listen I’d highly recommend it.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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