Despite a winter storm Friday, the sun was shining brightly when I woke up
this past Saturday. After a bit of straightening up around the house I
packed the car and headed 45 minutes south for the Potluck Spinners and
Weavers St.Distaff’s Day celebration.

The roads were a bit slushy at some points, but I made it without incident.
When I arrived at Angora Hill Farm, their driveway proved to be too much for
my all season tires. I parked at the bottom, and with Ben Verville’s help
hiked up the hill in the snow. Environment Canada was predicting 2cm, just
a dusting, the sun would return soon, or so I thought.

Cars pulled up in a quick succession, filling Sylvie’s new studio to
capacity. I got to meet a new spinner, Jackie, and was pleased to see our
new member Judith, who signed up when we demonstrated at the library earlier
this month. She came with knitting in hand, she was working on a pair of
those neat socks done with dyed yarn that creates a pattern as you knit.

Much to our surprise the snow kept falling, building up quickly on our cars
and the road bellow. We stayed warm and cozy, spinning, chatting, learning.
Cathou showed us how she gets the guard hairs out of Llama using her
carders, quick and painless.

The morning seemed to fly by, and all of a sudden it was lunch time. We
were treated to homemade chicken soup, yummy macaroni, herb bread, and
desserts of all descriptions, including an interesting Hawaiian strawberry
pie. Ben uncorked three bottles of his homemade wine, a red, a white and a

Needless to say the wine drinkers in the group loosened up a bit, proving
that even the most relaxed, wild, funny bunch can get even more, well, loose
🙂 Stories of eating soup cooked with chicken feet, and pretending that the
lamb was actually something else abounded.

After lunch we bundled up and took a walk to Sylvie and Ben’s barn to meet
their two Llama’s and their herd of angora goats. What a wonderful bunch,
so affectionate, and curious. Poor Richard was very concerned he’d have to
kiss a goat, Ben did nothing to put him at ease, receiving kisses from many
of his girls.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get more pictures, but my batteries died. What a
shame, because it was a beautiful day, even with the snow and cold
temperatures. Sylvie has a wonderful studio, with lots of natural light,
her handspun skeins hang all around, I even saw a blue ribbon on one, forgot
to ask where it had been exhibited. I was quite fascinated by her Leclerc
bobbin winder, and enjoyed watching her spin silk on her electric spinner, a
little noisy, but quick.

Ben spent much of the day teaching Cathou’s husband Rocky how to use a drop
spindle. I think Cathou was pleasantly surprised that he kept at it for so
long, we might have a new man to add to our guild.

After a couple more hours of spinning and chatting, we all headed home. It
took me nearly 1 1/2 hours to make the drive home on questionable roads.
Thank you so much to Sylvie and Ben for a wonderful day, and to all who
joined us.

I have posted a few pictures of the day on my web space.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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