A bit more spinning and weaving news from Nova Scotia. I was surprised to
pick up my local paper yesterday and see a picture of our public spinning
day at the Wolfville Library on January 3rd. One of the librarians was
taking pictures that day and must have sent it in. I have posted it on my


Also, I spoke to the owner of the Ski Martock, the local ski hill, and he is
looking forward to having the Potluck Spinners and Weavers for Spin-Out day
in February. I will post more information later this month.

A side note regarding the ski hill. I had my very first snowboarding
experience today, a two hour lesson with a great chap from Wales, who was in
fact older then my oldest pair of socks. (I was worried about that, I’m
fairly young myself, and was terrified I’d be learning from someone half my
age) I survived the experience, though I am very sore, and I might even try
it again, that’s saying a lot considering I don’t do sports as a rule. OFC,
I was wearing handknit mittens, sweater, hat and scarf for the occasion 🙂

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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