Regretfully the Potluck Spinners and Weavers had to cancel public spinning
yesterday at Ski Martock. At 10am I heard on the radio that schools just an
hours drive down the Valley were being dismissed due to the storm. It
didn’t arrive here until later in the afternoon, but it would have left many
travelling on very greasy roads.

We won’t reschedule our public spinning for February, so I hope everyone
keeps warm. I’ll post later in the month regarding our Spin-Out for March.
Ski Martock has kindly invited us to use their facility next month, that
will be decided in the coming weeks.

If any Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers members are itching to get out and
spin, there is a hands-on day coming up. Or perhaps you’re a weaver and
would like to learn to spin. Here is the announcement, which can be found
on the ASH web site

“Hands-on Day, Saturday Feb. 22 at 10 a.m.. at Scott Manor House. The
Spindrifters invite any and all interested persons to come and learn how to

The Spindrifters are a great group of ladies, they are the spinning
contingent of the Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers. The Potluckers have
been lucky enough to spin with them at the retreat last fall, and to do some
dyeing at the Fleece Artist last October.

Well, I’m going back to my new wheel, an Ashford Kiwi, an early birthday
gift from my mother. She went through quite a production to get it here,
with the help of Heidi Wulfraat at London-Wul Farm. And yes, I am excited
about turning 30, I love aging, it only gets better and better, and there is
still so much left to do.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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