Almost forgot to tell everyone about our spinning day last Tuesday at
Marilyn Rand’s. We got to meet another new spinner, Jennifer MacIntyre, and
her daughter Taylor I believe. Jennifer had just purchased handcards, a
drop spindle and some fibre from the Fleece Artist, and was very eager to
get started.

As seems to be the story of our lives, the weather was looming, but managed
to hold off long enough for Peggy and Fred to arrive from the South Shore,
Cathou and Sylvie from the Greenwood area, Ken from just around the corner,
Brenda, Dawn with baby Claire and myself from the other side of the Valley.

Everyone was enthralled with Peggy’s Christmas gift to herself, a Majacraft
Little Gem. I think I’m in love. This thing is just tiny, and looks as if
it spins itself. I didn’t get a chance to give it a try Tuesday, but I hope
to next time we meet. Peggy also had everyone’s attention due to the fibre
she was spinning. It was the most lustrous stuff I’ve ever seen, and the
colour, which was natural is beautiful. It was soy bean silk that she got
from Lise Noakes at The Yarn Source in Ontario. I immediately went home and
ordered some to try.

When Sylvie arrived she pulled out some rainbow dyed rovings she’d done in
her roasting pan, go with the flow method. I always find it fascinating to
watch the change in the colours from roving to singles. I enjoy watching
Sylvie spin on her little support spindle, which she says has become an
obsession, even though it was difficult to learn how to spin off the tip.

Marilyn showed us a sample she knitted with the same roving that Sylvie was
spinning. I love the soft, cushy effect of the unspun fibre. Its a great
way to use rovings that you’ve dyed, and truly adore the way the colour has
worked out.

Lunch was an eclectic collections of pies and salads. Peggy and Fred
brought a venison mince meat pie, which I hesitated to try and first, but
I’m hooked now, yummy. Blueberry and pumpkin pies, Lebanese eggplant dip,
roast chicken, pasta salad, the most incredible stew, I’m stuffed just
thinking about it again.

Pictures of the day are at
You will see Sylvie’s latest scarf, her rovings, the sample Marilyn knitted
with them. Ken and Fred at their wheels, one of Marilyn’s llama’s, Sylvie
on the support spindle. Peggy at the Little Gem and Cathou knitting a scarf
using her Alpaca fibre. Jennifer’s first day on a spindle and all that
lovely soy bean silk fibre.

Someday soon I will create a real web page, so you can look at the pictures
with descriptions, but not quite yet šŸ™‚

There was one thing missing from our day. Pia Skaarer Nielsen, my wild
Danish weaving friend was not spreading her big smile and incredible
laughter. Pia was in Halifax with her good friend Jeanette Staples, a
talented watercolour painter and teacher. I introduced Jeanette to everyone
who reads my posts back in August of 2002, when she came to one of our
potlucks, and created a mask using silk fusion. Jeanette, a survivor of
breast cancer recently found out that the cancer has returned, and Pia has
been spending as much time with her as possible. She’s as ready for a fight
as Jeanette is.

All the Potluck Spinners and Weavers are anxiously awaiting Pia’s return,
and sending our thoughts to Jeanette.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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