I suppose it’s about time I get back on track here, and tell everyone about
what’s been going on in Nova Scotia. Thank you to everyone who showed
concern over my absence. As many of you know, and even more of you don’t,
my husband punctured his kidney on the 19th of February, after 5 days in
hospital and a week at home, he is back at work part time, but still sore
and runs down fast.

So I’ll begin where I left off. On February 15th the Potluck Spinners and
Weavers met at my home in the Gaspereau Valley. The week leading up was
downright frigid, snowy and the wind was fierce. Saturday morning found my
driveway blown in, but still room for people to park. Strangely enough, all
the Canning contingent, Marilyn Rand, Pia Skaarer Nielsen and Ken Cavanaugh,
our closest members, were unable to attend due to the blowing snow.

Despite this, I still had a full house. Peggy and Fred Struve arrived with
Lorna McLagan, another former Salt Spring Island resident. Lorna is about
to move in to a new home in Granville Ferry, about 1 1/2 hours from my home,
in fact, I think she’s back on Salt Spring right now packing up some of her
belongings. Can’t wait for her to start joining us regularly, and I know
she’s anxious to get back to her wheel, which she hasn’t seen in some time.

Mary Madison, who many people met at the retreat in November announced that
she is leaving us. This woman is a wonder, she moved to Nova Scotia on a
whim a couple of years ago from the States, bought a Victorian bed and
breakfast. When she saw me at the Hants County Exhibition in September she
fell in love with the idea of spinning, so by the second week in October had
purchased a great wheel. By November she had two llamas and a piece of
land. She now has a loom, is headed to Peru in the fall and is moving to
Saint John, New Brunswick. This woman just can’t sit still!

Brenda Gilmour arrived with a bag full of the most gorgeous rovings to spin,
I want to say it was Merino and silk, but don’t quote me on that. Brenda
got a real quick out of my Norwegian Elkhound, Sage, who needed to be right
in the middle of everything. This is a big dog, and he snores, Brenda was
laughing through most of the day, Sage sleeping soundly at her feet.

Sage wasn’t the only creature that caught everyones attention. I have a
cat. Morley. I’m not sure how to describe her. She is nasty. She hisses,
she’ll bite, luckily not too hard, but she needs to be the centre of
attention. People from around the world know this cat, they may not
remember me, but they always remember Morley.

The person with the fondest memory of my cat is Jali Giroux, who arrived
later in the day, after braving the frigid temperatures to stand for peace.
The first time Jali visited my home for a spinnng day Morley kindly attacked

So who else was there on the 15th, Corrine Silver, who has been working away
at her drop spindle. She is becoming quite a master.

For lunch we enjoyed the most incredible tortiere, my favourite, I know I’ve
mentioned “my favourite” in many of my posts, but it is true for every item,
every pie, cake, pasta dish, I have many, many favourites. To round out the
meal we had salad, sushi, cake and I made homemade vanilla icecream.

As part of the festivities for the day we did a little Valentine exchange.
Everyone brought an ounce of fibre and as each person left for the day they
got to draw a package out of the bag. I was gifted with some of Peggy and
Fred’s lovely turquoise dyed mohair. I spun it up immediately after
finishing my pink and purple mohair that I was spinning in celebration of
Valentine’s Day.

I’ve posted the pictures of the day on my web space, which hopefully by
April 1st will be a real web page, wish me luck.


Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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