Still playing catch up on my spinning and weaving reports. On Tuesday,
February 18th the Potluck Spinners and Weavers were to meet at Marilyn
Rand’s as usual. I was in desperate need of a spinning day, so arrived at
10am right on the nose. It ended up being just Pia, Marilyn and I for the
day, and what a day it was.

We spent the morning spinning, chatting and a trip up to the barn to see her
new additions. I finally got to see her three llamas close up, I swear
one of them was grinning at me the entire time, what a character. I was
tempted by her angora rabbits, it would be so easy to bring two of those
babies home, I’m sure the cats wouldn’t mind. The ewe lambs are looking
round and full, just waiting for their turn I suppose. There was one sheep
with the most incredible horns, and all the new lambs, so cute, especially
the little ones she had makeshift sweaters on. We came back to the house
and had lunch warming up by the woodstove and then headed back to the
spinning wheels.

Marilyn showed us the hat that she knit using the spinning challenge yarn
from last falls retreat. I convinced Pia to model it, quite lovely. We
also tried out a little bit of the soybean fibre using the “silk fusion” or
papermaking method. Worked like a charm. Marilyn plans on using it for
children’s workshops, much less expensive then using silk, and it provides
similar effects.

Marilyn had to go back up to the barn to check on the expectant moms and
bottle feed a couple of new arrivals. She told us she would wave her arms
if she needed help, and not twenty minutes later we saw her jumping up and
down outside of the barn. Pia and I quickly geared up with warm clothes and
boots, and ran as fast as the ice and snowdrifts would allow, arriving to
find triplets in one pen, a single in another and one more on the way.

We set to work wiping the gorgeous creatures down, a whole new experience
for me. We then got to witness the birth of one lamb, nothing to it, if
most births were that easy my husband might not be so scared of pregnant
women 🙂

I was a bit disappointed when a saw how few made it for the day, but I
suppose things happen for a reason. I couldn’t have asked for a more
perfect day, having a chance to be a part of something so incredible.

I posted pictures of the day at…

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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