This past Tuesday at Marilyn Rand’s farm found lots of new faces at the
Potluck Spinners and Weavers gathering. After a trying couple of weeks I
was ready for the distraction, but left the house forgetting to bring my
wheel and something to share with the group. I decided not to turn around,
and luckily had my knitting in my bag, and a spindle, so I was able to keep

We got to see Mary Madison for the last time, she’s moving on to New
Brunswick. She felt it was important to replace the empty space she would
be leaving, so she brought along a new potential spinner, she even has the
same name. The “new” Mary watched everyones wheels in fascination, and even
tried out a spindle. She also kept us laughing with her vivid stories about
the antics of her five children, which she jokingly said were each a result
of a different failed birth control method 🙂

Peggy and Fred Struve brought along another weaver, Darlene, who was
plugging right along on her borrowed spindle. Seems she’ll likely be ready
for a spinning wheel very soon.

Another new face was Jack, who apparently showed up at a spinning day that
was cancelled back in January. We were all happy to finally meet him. Jack
spins his own fibre so that he can knit his socks, so far that’s the only
thing he needs, so its the only thing he knits. We had an interesting
demonstration of casting on techniques, as Jack noticed that I use two
needles to cast on, a method that Liz Miller in New Brunswick taught me.
Jack showed me how he does it using his thumb, and both Marilyn and Peggy
had other methods to share.

For show and tell Peggy brought along two silk scarves woven using yarn she
dyed in October at the Fleece Artist dyeing day. These pieces are
spectacular. She got some great advice from the Canweave list when setting
them up. Peggy also showed us the two socks she knit for the Canspin single
sock exchange.

As always, a great day, lots of food, many laughs, and an opportunity to
learn a few new tricks. The pictures are posted at…

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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