I’m happy to announce a spring (yes, I’m sure its almost here) tea towel
exchange. This is a learning exchange, so weavers of all skill levels are
encouraged to take part. If you’re a new weaver, this will be a chance to
work on planning a project to meet the guidelines. For those more
experienced with reeds and heddles, you might have the chance to experiment
with something new, or pass on a proven technique to one of those newer

Each towel should be a minimum of 15″ x 25″. The complexity of the design
is up to the individual weaver. Cotton and linen are both acceptable for
materials. I’ve been perusing my Handwoven magazines, and found that nearly
every issue has an article about towels, a great resource for pattern ideas.

All towels must be complete and in the mail by July 1st, 2003. You are
welcome to exchange more then one towel, for each one you send in, you will
get one from a different weaver across the country. There likely will be
limit on the number you can submit, this will be decided once I know how
many will be taking part.

The deadline for signing up is April 10th, 2003. Please do not sign up
unless you are sure you can complete the project by the July 1st mailing

Can’t wait to get started on this exchange. I actually already have five
people raring to go, so I look forward to hearing from all who are

Please email me PRIVATELY with your name, full mailing address, email
address and the number of tea towels you would like to exchange. I will
then send you the more knitty gritty details.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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