Gaspereau Valley Fibres is a new venture in Maritime Canada being undertaken
by myself, Julie Rosvall and Brenda Gilmour a local Sheppard and fellow
spinner, weaver and knitter. We will be opening a retail shop catering to
fibre artisans, as well as workshop space, all located on an incredible
piece of farmland in the Gaspereau Valley. We will be opening our doors in
May of 2003, the phone lines go in next week and I will likely have our web
page up and running in April.

Brenda’s farm, the River Road Wool Farm consists of a large 80 year old post
and beam barn which houses the sheep, a century old apple barn, 10 acres of
pasture bordered by a brook and large workshop where the shop will be
housed. The large open space is constructed of huge beams, ship’s knees and
an expanse of windows overlooking gardens, and the sheep pasture. Our
clientele will have the opportunity to enjoy Brenda’s flock of registered
Cotswold sheep, an ancient breed from England, now endangered, which
produces long, lustrous, curly fleece, sought after by handspinners.

Our goal is to bring to the Canadian and Internet marketplace quality
products for spinners, weavers, knitters, felters, dyers and the list goes

Those who are members of Canspin, Canweave, Spin-List, Weaving@…, or
a myriad of other lists may be familiar with my ramblings about fibre
gatherings in Nova Scotia. I will be continuing those stories on the lists,
but wanted to create a forum for similar stories about my new experiences at
Gaspereau Valley Fibres. You can join by heading to

The list has been created to promote our new business, tell our customers
about workshops, new merchandise and the trials and tribulations of working
in the fibre world.

Julie Rosvall

Gaspereau Valley Fibres


Majacraft, Louet, Ashford, Leclerc, Brittany Needles, Interweave Press
publications, Wonderous Woolerie, Liz Miller’s fabulous coloured batts and
knitting needles, Himalaya Yarn Co., Treenway Silks, Maurice Brassard,
Briggs & Little, Fleece Artist, Nier Lakes Shetland Sheep products and many
other spinning, weaving, knitting, felting and dyeing supplies, equipment,
accessories and oddities.

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