Saturday spinning was a quiet one for the Potluck Spinners and Weavers.
With lambing well underway, and flu season in full swing, not to mention my
lack of notice for the event, it turned out to be a peaceful spinning day
for me.

I started out my morning spinning some rainbow dyed Corriedale rovings,
which was slightly felted, but still lovely once I loosened it up a bit.
Mid morning, a friend’s daughter, Sarah Foote, arrived and spent the morning
asking questions. We talked about the different spinning wheels, all the
yarn I have piled up around the house, and when I switched from spinning to
knitting, Sarah became very curious.

Sarah is thirteen, and such a great girl, she is home schooled, and always
looking for an opportunity to learn something new. So when she saw me
knitting a sock, in the round of course, she needed to know how that was
done. She explained that she had knit several scarf like things, but really
wanted to learn how to knit something round. Unfortunately she was off to
gymnastics, so it would have to wait.

My friend Sandra Smylie arrived around lunch time, quite surprised to see an
empty house. So we spent a couple of hours chatting, enjoying a chicken,
rice and cheese casserole and her incredible curry dish. It’s been a long
time since I’ve had a quiet conversation with Sandra, so it turned out to be
a perfect day. Sarah even returned, so I got to introduce these two fine
ladies to each other.

After Sandra departed, Sarah and I set to work choosing some yarn. Most of
my skeins and balls of yarn aren’t big enough for a project, and the ones
that were didn’t suit Sarah’s personality, so she chose a green, tweedy
Briggs and Little yarn for her first round knitting project.

We measured Sarah’s head, then she cast on 10 stitches so she could check
her gauge. Sarah is an incredibly fast knitter, and within minutes of doing
the calculations for her hat, she had cast on the appropriate number of
stitches and began knitting round and round. By the time she left an hour
later she had four or five rows and was well on her way. I sent her off
with all the gear, and expect I’ll see her sporting a nice new green hat
later this week 🙂

So despite missing everyone, I think it turned out to be a fine spinning
day. Hopefully now that my husband is on the mend, life will get back to
normal and we’ll have next months weekend Potluck Spinners and Weavers
gathering planned out ahead of time.

Julie Rosvall
Potluck Spinners and Weavers
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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