Since the April showers have moved into the Valley just a little bit early,
I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch everyone up on what’s been
happening in Nova Scotia.

The last Potluck Spinners and Weavers gathering was at my home, here in the
Gaspereau Valley. Normally we meet at Marilyn Rand’s farm, but the flu and
50 odd lambs were keeping her busy, so I volunteered.

Pia, my wild Danish weaving friend was the first to arrive. She was soooo
excited to show me her latest shawl. This type of work is the reason she
weaves. It was all singles, handspun from her own spinners flock, and is
truly fabulous.

Joanne, Jali, Brenda and a member of a small local knitters guild all
arrived throughout the morning. Joanne is making great progress with her
wheel, having only owned it for a few weeks, she is already producing enough
yarn that her husband Richard is making shelves to accommodate it all.
She’s also mastering her loom as well, with the help of a couple of local
weavers she has taken her first couple of warps off the loom, and has even
signed up for the tea towel exchange I’m organizing.

Feeling that we all needed something special to take our minds off the long
winter and current world happenings, Jali brought the most incredible dish
for lunch. Her dear mother in law was an incredible cook, and sadly passed
away this past fall. Jali had been saving a quiche in her freezer, that her
mother in law made last summer, and we got to share it. What a pleasure,
the tender asparagus could have just been picked that morning, and just the
thought of sharing it with such good friends, at a time when we all needed
it, meant so much.

As for the fibre content of our day. Pia was doing her usual high speed
spinning, working away at some more of her fabulous singles to be used in
another shawl. Brenda had the most wonderful coloured batts, with little
bits of silk waste for texture. Jali as always had a lovely fine thread to
be used in one of her exquisite shawls.

And me you ask, well, I was on my third attempt at knitting a funky recycled
silk sock for a Single Sock Exchange, and was failing miserably. My needles
were too small, the yarn was difficult to knit, and still being a rank
beginner, the combination was causing great frustration. So I gave up.
Grabbed the skein of handdyed soybean protein fibre that was still not quite
dry, and wound it into a ball. With the deadline for the exchange only
three days away, I needed to finish that sock. The soy knit up beautifully,
much less stressful then the silk, and the colours came together like a

As everyone was leaving, Dawn and baby Claire arrived, so Pia stayed on, and
I got to work a little more on my sock. It turned out to be the most
wonderful day.

In my last report, I talked about teaching my friends daughter, Sarah, how
to knit a hat. Well, she went home with yarn and needles in hand that
Saturday, and by Wednesday she was done. I was shocked to have a message on
my voice mail when I got home Wednesday thanking me very much for getting
Sarah started, and that she had finished it and was pleased to be wearing
her new hat. Not bad.

I guess that’s it for today. The Potluck Spinners and Weavers will be
spinning in public this coming Friday, April 4th, at Hennigars Farm Market
outside of Wolfville. Email me for details.

Later this month we will have a display set up at a women’s farm
organization open house, I’ll post more information as we get it.

I’ve had many people say they wished they could see the pictures along with
the descriptions, so here it is. Please excuse my limited web design

Julie Rosvall
Potluck Spinners and Weavers
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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