Just came across this while checking out our provincial crafts council web

Call for designs for the “Winner’s Cup”, CBC poetry face-off: In celebration
of National Poetry Month, CBC ARTSPOTS is pleased to announce a Call for
Designs for a CBC Poetry Face-Off “Cup”, to be “awarded” to each year’s
winning poet, and a reproducible piece of “wearable art” related to the
“Cup”. This design is intended to: recognize the friendliness of the
competition, acknowledge the engaging nature of poetry performed by its
authors, capture CBC’s commitment to the arts, enhance relationships in the
cultural community, and put art in the hands of poets and audiences. We
seek design descriptions via email, fax, and snail mail, from Canadian
artists. Please include a brief write-up of concepts, materials, production
processes and estimated production costs required (not to exceed $3,500), as
well as a sketch each of the design for the cup and wearable art, and a
brief resume of the designing artist. Due to the short time lines of this
process, and the modest level of remuneration, we encourage artists not to
spend an excessive amount of time on the proposal, but to give us enough to
understand what the Cup and wearable art will look and feel like. More info:
Contact Joe Renzi, Executive Secretary, NSDCC for the complete call.
Deadline: April 30, 2003.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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