I just spent two wonderful days with a woman from New Hampshire, Sherry
Wilding-White, who I met on the New England Textile Arts list. She is an
incredible knitter and a fun lady to chat with. She had stories about every
knitting teacher, shop, workshop and conference that ever was. She is
travelling around the Maritimes in her RV, stopping when she feels the urge.

She got the chance to visit Heidi at London-Wul, and then headed here to the
Valley for a couple of days. She parked her RV in my driveway and spent one
day at the shop with us, then at our Potluck gathering on Tuesday. She’s
now off to PEI to visit Mini-Mills and whatever else strikes her fancy.

Despite being exhausted, I’m very excited about a phone call I just
received. Jude Pilote from BC is at her Dad’s, and will be coming to visit
tomorrow! She has the sweetest, most soft spoken voice I’ve ever heard. I
can’t wait to meet her, any Maritime Canspinners who’d like to drop by for a
visit while she’s here, touch base with me and I’ll let you know when she
expects to arrive.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS


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