I spent two incredible days with Barbara and her sister when they travelled
to the east coast. We laughed and talked for hours, and Barbara brought the
sweetest little handwoven bag with little sheep on it, and a little clay
mouse which makes its home in my brown sugar jar. They had been having
quite the adventure, including a bit of a fender bender in the rental car
they were driving. I felt so comfortable with them that I invited them to
stay in my home, rather then heading off to a motel.

Strangely enough, Barbara and I discovered much later that we had both
participated in a weaving bookmark exchange on another list, some time
before we ever met. I am truly blessed to know this lively woman. I will
miss her greatly, and send my thoughts to her family and friends.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

I am very sorry to inform the canspin list that our member Barbara Woolgar
from Nanoose Bay, B.C. passed away very suddenly yesterday, June 1. Many of
you will remember her from her visit back east with her sister a couple of
years ago. She often contributed to the list and was a wonderful spinner,
knitter and weaver. She has a large and loving family who will miss her
terribly. She was looking forward to going to OLDS for the second year.
She was a kindergarten teacher before she retired. We have known Barb for
years and valued her friendship. We will miss her.

Elaine on behalf of the Nanoose Bay Weavers Guild and the Thursday


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