Just thought I’d check in briefly from Alberta. I am now at my brothers in Didsbury, after spending the week spinning at Olds College along with many Canspinners who’s names I have known for several years now.

It was incredible to put faces to so many of those names, and to meet up again with others I met last year at Surprise Lake.

Kathy Baker once again took care of me from the moment I arrived at the airport in Calgary. She is such an incredible woman, as many of you saw at the HWSDA conference.

I finally got to meet Roberta, our recently retired list mom. What a talent she is, I never saw her once without her knitting in hand.

I was so pleased to see Dianna from Sask. once again, every one of us should be lucky enough to be so comfortable with ourselves.

Princess Michelle was in fine form as always, although the discussions of who must go before she takes her place in the thrown were a bit disturbing. Thank goodness I am just a lowly Nova Scotian, and will not be eliminated so that she can move forward 😉 (the lowly NS thing had to do with the fact that for the first half of day one I had a piece of electrical tape as my nametag, lowly and undeserving of a real tag like everyone else)

Jeanette from BC was there with her fine dyed silks, strange how some people strike you. I didn’t have a picture in my head of what she would look like, she has such a beautiful and kind face. Ohh and the silk!

Karen from Errington, my adopted mom and the most wonderful hugger was there despite many difficulties and and a nasty cold. Everyone send good thoughts in her direction, she has much going on in her life right now, and I know that the good vibes will keep her strong.

Lianne Read, what can I say, I’m so glad to have finally met this woman. We’ve emailed from time to time over the past several years, and she has taken part in almost all of the fibre exchanges. Everyone who gets her fibre is truly thrilled. So I got to spend a bit of time with her, and really enjoyed myself.

Lots of new faces, Erica from Winnipeg, who is on the list, is such a hoot. I could spend a lifetime just hanging out with her.

Others in my class included Jen, the unlicensed phisiotherapist, beer drinker and dog hair spinner extraordinaire. Buffy from BC, a young woman who has chosen an incredible path in her life, with learning and growth as the all important goal.

Dora from Sask, who makes wonderful felting kits and wool batts with two other women in a business called Three Bags Full, too cute.

Linda from Okotoks, who on Monday morning had never even touched a spinning wheel, and by Thursday was zipping off little skeins like nobodys business.

Jean from Qualicum Beach, BC, who was a good friend of Barbara Woolgars. It was wonderful to make another connection with someone who knew and loved her. Jean said a few words about Barbara at the potluck on Tuesday, it was sad and amazing all at once.

Cathy from Sask. showed off her Alpaca fibre, and had lots of great stories to tell.

Susan and Barb from Coquitlam, BC were two peas in a pod. Both very talented ladies, and such a pleasure to chat with.

Jay, oh my, Jay. Jay from Vancouver was sitting beside me through the whole week. She can one moment be telling you about the history of some ancient civilization, the next she’s getting 100 on her test, she’s running down the hallway dancing after hearing that Vancouver got the 2010 Olympics, yet she still has trouble with the English language from time to time 🙂

Naoko from BC was always on the move with her digital and video cameras. We have all been set down on film for future generations of new spinners. I hope she keeps those tapes under lock and key!

That’s it for the moment. I have so many other people I want to tell everyone about. So many stories, and pictures to upload once I get home. Must now do some family time, and perhaps get to see the Rockies, or maybe with the rain I just need to head down to Shuttleworks and check out some more fibre stuff…

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS permanently
Disbury, Alberta for the moment


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