The rain is finally falling here in the Annapolis Valley, my well and lawn
are feeling a bit of relief. The hot dry weather of the past few weeks
hasn’t kept all the knitters out there away. Gaspereau Valley Fibres has
seen a steady stream of knitters, spinners and even a few weavers coming to
take in the colour, texture, and best of all the view of hundreds of poppies
just outside our windows. The way they pop up everywhere, I’m surprised
there aren’t any growing up through the floorboards of the shop.

All the hustle and bustle at the shop has been amazing. Our visitors have
included stray squirrels, horses, and a myriad of people from all over the
globe. Seems we are a major tourist attraction. So many stories I could
tell. Just this past Sunday we met a family from New York, who just moved
to the area a week ago and are starting to set up a farm, and want to learn
to spin. There was a couple who were on their way to visit the shop when
the husband saw the tubing on the Gaspereau River, so stopped to check it
out. He was telling his wife how much he’d like to do it when a local
offered to let them change into their bathing suits in his house, and
another offered to drive them to the start of the tubing, as they of course
had only the one car. When they finally arrived at the shop, still in their
suits, they couldn’t stop talking about how nice Nova Scotian’s are.

I’ve enjoyed spending time with several couples over the past week, many of
them around my age, in their early thirties, all enjoying leisurely
vacations together. Some were from as close by as Halifax, here in the
Valley with their children, others were from as far off as Britain,
Massachusetts and Ontario. I had the most wonderful conversation with the
couple from Mass., who ended up going home with six sheep potholders,
handmade here in Nova Scotia, and sporting our provincial tartan. I guess
all their friends and family will be ready for Christmas dinner this year.

Brenda and I both get a kick out of reading the comments in our guest book
at the end of each day. Nothing better then someone saying they feel they
have now truly seen Nova Scotia. Or how about the girl from Cape Breton who
walked the 40 minutes each way from downtown Wolfville to visit the shop.
My favourite comment unfortunately didn’t get written down. A man walked in
one day, stood in the doorway, and proclaimed to Brenda, “this place is

In amongst all these visitors I took off to Alberta for ten days to
participate in Level One Spinning at Olds College. What a week of spinning,
learning and enjoying the company of other fibre enthusiasts. I also got to
visit with my brother and his wife and brought home a few goodies for the

Despite the fact that we have 1500 square feet of space for the shop, we are
already starting to feel the crunch, and we haven’t even gotten all our
stock yet. We did receive boxes and boxes of incredible spinning fibre.
Merino/Tencel, Merino/Tussah, Viscose, Tencel, Nova Scotia Mohair, Alberta
Merino, scrumptious fibre batts from Three Bags Full in Saskatchewan. Our
Country Classic dyes arrived this week, I’m so excited about these, as they
are easy to use and the colours are such fun.

To add to the excitement, we have had much attention from freelance writers.
To date we have done three interviews, one of the writers even had me
walking around with a microphone, explaining every detail of the shop and
our fibre. The first of the articles hit the streets today, in the Regional
Magazine, an insert in all the newspapers from Windsor, about 15 minutes
down the road in one direction, to Digby, 1 1/2 hours headed in the other.

My duties as web designer have been somewhat neglected while I was traveling
the country, but I have been hard at work these past few days. I am now
awaiting a bit of technical help from my web server, so that I can upload
the additions, this will likely happen on Thursday, so please keep checking
our site. I will have a copy of the article, all our new dye colours,
details about our fibres and yarns, and perhaps even a picture of Mike the
squirrel, who has been my constant companion for the past few weeks.

Happy spinning, and here’s hoping the rain keeps falling.

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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