It has been one heck of a couple of months. The web
site has been horribly neglected, in favour of hosting visiting spinners,
weavers and knitters, travelling to Alberta for Level One Spinning,
organizing the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council summer show and keeping
the shop well stocked with fibre. Brenda and I have been alternating time
off running the roads. She took a trip to New Jersey, New York and Vermont
which included visits to some wonderful fibre spots, so she came home with
bags and boxes full of new goodies to line our shelves.

We have finally made it through the busiest chunk of time this summer, and
have a bit of a reprieve before fall takes over. The weather here in the
Annapolis Valley has finally turned around, after ten days of rain, the sun
is a welcome change.

In recent weeks we’ve had many exciting visitors to the shop. Comments in
our guest book have kept us well entertained at the end of each day. My
favourite this time around is the girl who wrote, ” I love this place, can I
come and sleep in your bathtub full of fibre and knit all day?”

The local guild, The Potluck Spinners and Weavers have started meeting at
the shop once a month. It is incredible the life that this group of wild
women and men bring into the shop.

We’ve been slowly building our supply of weaving accessories, reeds,
shuttles, brake circles and the like can all be found on the 80 year old
shelves that once were stocked with car parts in the 30’s and 40’s. We’ve
got Mary Black’s colourful little loom at the centre of the shop, it is in
need of attention, but oh what a piece of weaving history. Mary Black lived
in this area, with her sister Violet, just five minutes from the shop.
We’ve had several non-weaving locals drop by and tell us about this woman
who used to live nearby, a weaver they thought, and did we know she wrote
some sort of book on the subject?

The Maritime Exhibition is coming up in mid-October, I just received the
application and instructions for entering handwoven, knitted and spinning
items. I would highly recommend that all the Maritime fibre enthusiasts
enter their work, I can forward information to anyone who is interested.

Also the Maritime Spinners Retreat is coming up in October as well, this
year it is being held in New Brunswick. Drop me a line if you’d like the
web site with all the registration info.

I must be off, busy weekend ahead, and I still have yet to catch up on my
sleep. Keep checking back on the web site, although I have been neglecting
it, there are updates to come, I’ve been taking pictures, and gathering

Julie Rosvall
Wolfville, NS

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